HVAC Construction 

Providing Madison and Milwaukee Single-Source HVAC Construction

IKM team member working at an HVAC construction project

IKM Building Solutions (IKM) has built a solid reputation  throughout Madison, Milwaukee, and the rest of Wisconsin for successfully completing a broad range of HVAC construction projects, even when the conditions are demanding and the deadline is tight.

The secret to our success is thorough and continuous planning right from the start.

Project foremen often get involved during bidding stage. Along with the operations manager, purchasing agent, estimator, and project manager, the project foreman often attends regularly scheduled pre-planning sessions that are aimed at organizing your construction project effectively to help with on-time, on-budget completion.

Once your project is under way, we work to develop an overall schedule detailing all field activities and equipment procurement. At weekly production meetings, the project manager will sometimes review these plans to help ensure that our mechanical construction service work is properly coordinated with the general contractor's schedule, deliveries are made on time, and the appropriate manpower is on the job site when required.

Throughout the HVAC construction process, we will apply the practical experience we've gained as one of Wisconsin's most active mechanical contractors. Our commercial heating and cooling services experience in specialized environments can be especially valuable.

For example, we understand the importance of continuous comfort and efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning maintenance in schools, hospitals and commercial buildings. In addition, we have HVAC construction services experience in complex industrial, data, and laboratory facilities where environmental systems are an integral element in product quality and safety.

And our industrial piping and sheet-metal fabrication services address applications requiring fluid handling and temperature exchange.

This experience, combined with our single-source construction capabilities and wide ranging building automation and control systems expertise, helps effectively position us to meet your complete mechanical construction requirements, while playing a vital role on your construction team.