Indoor Air Quality Solutions

View of ceiling HVAC system at a warehouse facilityCleaning up your indoor air quality (IAQ) not only encourages health, comfort, and productivity—it can also help significantly boost return on investment (ROI). IKM Building Solutions (IKM)'s IAQ solutions help increase energy efficiency, and extend the longevity of critical assets like HVAC systems.

We specialize in multiple, cost-effective IAQ solutions, such as needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI), ultraviolet (UV-C) lamps, and MERV filtration that can help reduce harmful pathogens and particulates.

Benefit from Better IAQ Now

Now more than ever, providing a healthy environment for building occupants is essential. Our complete IAQ services help you:

  • Mitigate the impact of any health crisis on your business
  • Keep HVAC systems clean to minimize occupant exposure to allergens, microbes, and viruses
  • Upgrade HVAC system efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Decrease system maintenance requirements
  • Boost building ROI and life-span of critical assets
  • Reduce airborne particulates and odors
  • Increase capture efficiency with cleaner cooling coils
  • Improve employee productivity and tenant satisfaction

Clean Your Air and Improve Capture Efficiency with Patented Ionization

Our patented (UL and CE approved) NPBI product emits ions that can help reduce pathogens, break down harmful compounds, and accumulate micro-particles into large filterable particles. After passing through the HVAC system, the ions enter a building's air stream, cleaning air throughout the entire facility.

NPBI also helps improve the capture efficiency of HVAC systems—potentially by as much as 75 percent. This reduction of outdoor air requirement can significantly lower energy costs.

Additionally, we also provide testing and commissioning on our NPBI installations to validate that they are producing cleaner air in your facilities. 

Enjoy 24-Hour Pathogen Control with UV-C Lamps

We can provide and install the latest in UV-C technology, offering continuous protection from airborne pathogens that accumulate on HVAC equipment. Typically, UV-C lamps only need to be replaced once a year, making them one of the most affordable ways to improve IAQ and HVAC function. 

UV-C lamps can be installed either for surface decontamination or airborne inactivation—depending on your unique needs.

Better Filters, Better Air, on Schedule

Increasing your HVAC filters’ MERV rating is one of the most foundational and low-cost IAQ improvements. We’ll upgrade your MERV rating to the highest level compatible with your system’s fan-speed, air flow, and filter loading capacity. Count on us to ensure correct frame fit for maximum effectiveness, and to replace filters on a regular schedule, saving you from operating with deteriorated filters.

Ask us how we can improve your indoor air quality today.