CUNA Mutual Group

We tailored our design-build approach to help minimize facility disruptions during this major HVAC renovation.

Value Delivered

IKM Building Solutions (IKM) designed and installed new mechanical and HVAC systems for the headquarters of CUNA Mutual Group (CMG).

By leveraging a non-disruptive renovation process that included phased work, we were able to complete the project without interrupting CMG’s regular business operations. We tailored our design-build process to the unique needs of the headquarters, helping us complete the project faster while improving the accuracy of our documentation.

The finished HVAC renovation has helped significantly improve system efficiency, as well as tenant comfort and productivity.

Client Objectives

CMG needed a mechanical contractor with the capacity to handle a major renovation project and the expertise to complete it with minimal facility downtime.


The long-term project required a creative design-build solution to help keep working moving efficiently without interrupting the client’s business. We broke the project into 20 demolition, design, and installation phases spanning a five-year time period. 

During demolition, the construction team walled off one section of the facility at a time, demolishing and disassembling all mechanical equipment without disturbing the rest of the building. This created a “shell” space that allowed the design team to identify potential constructability issues which helped eliminate lengthy delays caused by change orders and redesigns.

During installation, our construction scope of work covered all commercial heating and cooling systems, including new chillers and cooling towers, variable air volume boxes, industrial ductwork, and linear diffusers.  Lastly, we provided CMG detailed final drawings that recorded exactly where everything had been installed, helping simplify future servicing and alterations.

​​Client Background

Founded in 1935, today CMG is one of the world’s leading providers of financial services for cooperatives, credit unions, and their members. We have worked on projects for CMG in the past, including during the original construction of this facility.