EPICENTRE® Biotechnologies

An innovative, custom HVAC system was designed and built for this high-tech laboratory headquarters.

Value Delivered

IKM Building Solutions (IKM) applied our expertise of commercial mechanical systems technology to provide an innovative HVAC system for the laboratory headquarters of Epicentre® Biotechnologies.

Taking a design-build approach, we were able to adapt to the unique heating, cooling, and ventilation demands of the laboratory. The completed mechanical system meets the client’s day-to-day operating requirements and promotes energy efficiency— all while helping protect employee health by maintaining environmental integrity.

Client Objectives

The client required a highly advanced HVAC system specially designed for a laboratory setting. The system needed to properly ventilate the delicate lab environment, prevent the loss of local ground water, and maintain energy efficiency.


We provided single-source mechanical solutions for the laboratory, overcoming a number of unique design challenges.

To keep the lab free of fumes and contaminants, air had to be changed continuously. At the same time, the HVAC system had to adjust to varying usage levels and energy consumption needed to be tightly regulated. Finally, the client wanted to avoid wasting ground water.

We installed custom variable-air-volume units with adjustable exhaust hoods to accommodate the facility’s ventilation needs and fluctuating usage. Sealed combustion boilers were incorporated to promote energy efficiency, and air-cooled chillers were used as an alternative to water-cooled chillers which consume more ground water. Lastly, we installed sheet metal and piping to connect the HVAC system and performed final commissioning.

The mechanical system incorporates direct digital controls that permit flexible centralized management, providing the client maximum responsiveness over environmental conditions and energy consumption.

Client Background

Founded in 1987, Epicentre® Biotechnologies manufactures and sells molecular biology products for life science research, clinical research, molecular diagnostics, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.